Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time Management

Time Management might be the hidden skill that you really need to succeed at cross. With races every weekend, the clock starts ticking on Sunday as far as what you need to get done-bike washing,clothes washing, bike repairs, more training, and, most importantly, recovery. 5 days. And that is for only doing local races. Never mind if you have to travel and you lose a day to that. Never mind when real life interferes-work, car repairs, lawn mowing, ahem, blogging....
To do all this you need to be pretty ruthless with your time management. Priorities need to be taken care of and the other stuff can wait until January. Make a mistake or pick the wrong priority and you will pay for it on Saturday or Sunday or both.
So that was what I was thinking about when I bailed on watching the Pro races today. Too much to do. Which sucks cause watching the races on a sunny day is a fun time, but it wasn't meant to be.

Day 2 at Providence had me experimenting with new techniques like the parachute assisted reverse hole shot, the pull you foot out of the pedal trick, and semi-pro dirt surfing. 42nd. Not one for the record books. My camera died so no Interbike pictures. The paint job on the new Fuji Cross bike is rad. The Fuji SST looks insane in real life (redefining massive bottom bracket cluster). Overall the tents were pretty underwhelming. Some cool bits, but I didn't have the eye of the tiger.

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Anonymous said...

child who refuses to nap vs. making dinner, vs. sitting down and folding laundry to nurse plantar fasciitis, vs. motion for funds for DNA expert, vs. dishes, vs. visiting Auntie in rehab. That's my time management.