Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cosmic vibrations

Found out that Dan Higgs was playing up in Kittery ME. Not just anywhere in Kittery Maine, but in a yoga studio. The thought of a late night and driving on a work night was not too appetizing, but we are talking about a chance to see the lord of the weird beards. So off I went. Kittery on a Tuesday night in January looks a little like Woods Hole or something, and after some stumbling I found the spot.
I paid my "suggested donation" and took of my shoes. Ouch a bunch of weird beards and art freaks with no shoes on? Trouble. It was a pretty cool space and the vibe was chill-more art opening than rock show.
First band, Deep Egypt, got going pretty much on time which is amazing for an art show. They were a 2 piece. some droney strumming. Not bad, but not my cup of tea.
Higgs was up next. He opened up with a "song from Star Trek", called "children of eden" which he sang while he played a little accordion in a box drone thing. Anyone who knows what the accordion like drone thing in a box is, please let me know. I don't think it was a harmonium as it lacked keys. Not sure if he was joking about the song being a cover so Trekkies please enlighten me... Next up was "Holy Bible Time" an extended workout with the accordion like device. He switched to banjo for "Living in the Kingdom of Death" off Ancestral songs. This one two punch was a real workout on the gnostic bio-theology that makes up most of Higg's lyrical content. Higgs may seem a little odd, but he seems totally comfortable rocking out and messing with his tunes. He dropped 2 banjo instrumentals next that had some ginnish/immortal shredding. Not even close to traditional strumming and plucking. Banjo wasn't staying in tune so he broke out the mouth harp for a long jam. The mouth harp jam ended with him red-faced and breathing hard, and it highlighted the visceral nature of what he does. Alone and unamplified, he puts on a physical and intense performance. Finished up with 2 more songs on banjo. Drones and more drones. Engaged and funny.
I ducked out of the Solar Drone Ensemble that was wrapping up the night's festivities.
Jammed out to Harvey Milk S/T reissue on Hyrdahead during the last half of my ride home. All in all, I am glad I motivated and got out.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, good characterization "gnostic bio-theology". The man really knows how to push the mystery button.

Easy to get lost in that. A long time ago I showed my mom some lungfish lyrics and that's what she said. She compared it to working in a mental hospital when she was younger. You get seduced by the apparently mysterious truth. When in fact it may not be anything.