Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Litter Emerge 1969 goodness

Straight out of Minneapolis. These guys started out in the blown out fuzz garage scene(check the pebbles comps-ACTION WOMAN!), but by 1969 and their 3rd LP, they were up to something pretty good and unique.
The first 2 songs(work with me) reminded me of a more restrained MC5 or the Zulus. Something about the clipped delivery and high pitched vocals of the singer.
3rd track starts out weak but after making you wait 2 minutes finishes strong.
The guitarist can shred and lay down some Blue Cheer worthy solos and the drummer cuts it loose. Their cover of "for what it's worth" is destined to be mixtape staple.
This band gets high marks for dropping the first 7 of 9 songs in under 5 minutes a shot. The save the rest of the time to trip out for 12 minutes on the closer. For a long one it rocks out and doens't meander too much. Leaves time for a DRUM SOLO!!! Last track is a bonus not on the OG LP.
This is a little more timeless than the usual retro reissues. This band managed to go from Yardbirdsy garage to 70s rock/proto punk pretty well. Not just a rarity, it's a good rocking record. One Way Records put this one out.

Check it out here.

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