Monday, March 8, 2010

Leatherface Stormy Petrel

Frankie Stubbs is like the uncle I never had, but wish I did. Just saw them live on some weird off shoot of a Canadian tour. Last time I saw them was about 11 years ago in Boston-if the "99" on my fake Leatherface soccer jersey is correct.
They had a new record for sale, and while it isn't Mush or Cherry Knowle or whatever your personal watershed Leatherface album is, it is pretty damn good. Just like your favorite uncle, you know what to expect but there are some surprises. Even if he has gotten mellower with age, you still love to see him and find out what he has been up to. The insights are still pointed. He still has the dance moves and live he added a lot more of his classic gruff edge to the new songs.
Big Ugly Fish is the label in the UK. No Idea is putting it out in the states.
Starts off with soon to be Leatherface mixtape staples like "god is dead","my worlds end" "another dance",and "never say goodbye". Couple of more maudlin slow jams, but overall if you don't smile and get stoked when you hear that voice and those guitars, you aren't really a leatherface fan.
Get stoked.
Official Info here.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the voice was so good live close to Mush-era, it makes me wonder why he gets so whispery on the studio stuff. It's infuriating because I get the idea that he thinks its better to whisper than torch.