Friday, April 2, 2010

PVP's 10 commandments for Flanders

Saw this article on Het Nieuwsblad this morning. Advice from PVP, all right I will listen. He won Flanders twice and was on the podium 2 more times. Only problem? I don't speak Flemish. So with the help of google translate I worked my way through his top ten. Some come out a little bit like Yoda and some are over my head, but here they are in all their translated glory. Anyone who can provide a better translation is welcome to chime in
1.Much depends on the quality of the tires
2.Climbing is always the smallest resistance you can handle conditional.
3.On a cobbled climb you stand alone right to demarreren
4.Switch not on a cobbled climb
5.Nobody rides ease up on the Koppenberg
6.Dodge abandoned by small riders to ride and to keep their distance
7.Respect for better climbers
8.Fall is just as important
9.Who is afraid during the descent, feels his fingers
10.Take advantage of your teammates, especially during the first part of the game

I think my favorite is #4, but #1,#7, and #9 should not be taken lightly.

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