Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I recently posted that Ginn exchange about Dio from "Spray Paint the Walls". I have been down with Dio for awhile now. I remember in 8th grade when the a lot of the stoners at my school got to go see the Dio version of Sabbath and came back with the sick Mob Rules baseball shirts. I was jealous.
It wasn't too many years later when my former 3rd grade teacher asked me to take her son to see Twisted Sister. They were opening for......DIO!. This was maybe 83/84. I am guessing more likely last in line era. Didn't get a shirt as I was transitioning into a punk rock skateboarder at this point.
Dio rocked and the cutting edge laser light show must be pretty lame by today's standards.
Regardless this dude went hard til he was 67 years old. Respect and Thanks for all the tunes.

check over here for another Dio appreciation.

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Anonymous said...

Sabbath "Born Again" w/RJD contains 3 of most monstrous sabbath songs: Trashed, Disturbing the Priest, and Zero the Hero.

People get all purist about Ozzy Sabbath, but RJD rescued them from sucking.