Monday, May 16, 2011


Living in the heart of Mad Alchemy country it seems like cheating to try other embro, but it is hard not to stray....
Like micro-brewers, embro makers are springing up all over the place. And no one drinks just one kind of beer, right?
Northwest Knee Warmers I liked the tin can. I liked the name. So before I could regret it, I ordered some Aren-Burn.

site here

Packaging is very cool. It looks good. Smells good. With time running out on the warm embro season, I took a relatively overcast and chilly day to test it out. Slapped it on and rolled out for about 3 hours. This is pretty subtle for something called Aren-burn. Did the job and cleaned up with no reactivation post ride, but I was hoping for a little more fire. Anyway cool company, check it out.
As far as hoping for more of a burn...The weather did me a favor by remaining chilly and overcast. Rain storms threatened for the morning ride. So I decided to go old school and break out an embro I hadn't used in a while. Freddy's Choice. Freddy who? Freddy Viaene. Belgian of course. Maybe his work as a soignuer for Lance and Floyd hurt his business as an embro maker cause I don't see this stuff around much anymore

Sportsbalm was the manufacturer. It goes on a lot more liquid than say Mad Alchemy. Shine is pretty good. I remembered this stuff being good in the wet so I slapped it on and rolled out. Too me this is a classic Belgian embro. Over a 2 hour ride, it kept the heat level high. Rain held off, but I was reminded of it's reaction to water when I was showering. Any moisture is a reason for this stuff to reactivate to a pretty nuclear level. My legs are still a little hot a few hours after. The liquid aspect of this embro is way more like naplam than suntan lotion. So beware. Good embro to have for wet days, but I feel like once this bottle is gone, I won't be seeing it again.
So there you go, 2 times in the last month I have cheated on Mad Alchemy.

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