Sunday, May 29, 2011

epics in minutes

Epic rides in Maine are easy to put together. And when your fitness is questionable, epic rides can even be short.
Here is how to make even a short ride EPIC.
You need a dirt road and preferably a dirt climb

Now that is a good start, but epic? Just one dirt climb with no support vehicle or photographer? Not going to cut it, but what if.....

Black and White! That has to up the epic factor, but even still there has to be something more you could do. It was dry and hot-so no epic weather. You had no mechanicals, no issues(except for getting chased by a poodle which is definitely not epic). There has to be something to make this photo more epic...

Sepia Tone! That is the ticket (maybe Hipstamatic, but I aint got it) Sepia tone, the same shade as the photos of this road taken in 1910-and it is still a dirt road. Bamn! Now that is how to make it epic.
Thanks Sepia Tone!

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