Friday, October 7, 2011

Hell Week Part One

So the more pious among us call it Holy week, but the amount of sleep I've missed and the amount of things I've broken, make me think Hell Week is more appropriate.
Kind of running out of words so here is the first half of the week based on the photos from my phone....

Gloucester. When I think of Gloucester, I think of this. I love this race, but it kicks my ass every year. This year they went out of their way not to add fuel to the "grass crit" fire. Tweets about "hope you've been running", turned out to be warranted.
Had to have space for the double wide

We arrived to drizzle and wet mud.

We raced in setting, thick mud.

Then I balled out.

Despite an extra beach run and stone stairway to heaven run up, Day 2 felt a little easier to me. Despite the results, I was happy with how I raced.
Mike got married. That is rad

Next up was the Night Weasel, but before that, why not a party? Off to the RSC for a number pick up party. Free beer, a raffle, and a chance to see Mo's new bike? I am in.

cool kids

sick what

Night Weasels.



2 more races in PVD and Holy, Hell Week is over.

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