Monday, July 30, 2007

Persausions We Came to Play LP

I am pretty much a sucker for buying records that have covers on them, so by the time I flipped over the Persuasions "We came to play" LP and got over the Penniman quote("You should never try and put a tuxedo on the funky blues") and the sweat suits(which were provided by Levy's of Jersey City), it was a done deal. Beatles, Curtis Mayfield,Motown, Sam Cooke. Done deal. I figured I was in for some 70s funk workouts,but I didn't expect a full blown doo-woop vocal assualt. If they were as good a basketball team as they were a vocal group that would have been a tough to beat team-even in Jeresy City or Orange(Respect to Eric Williams!)
Opening up with "Chain Gang" by Sam Cooke and closing it out 10 tracks later with "Let it Be" these 5 guys deliver the goods.
I guess they raised their profile by working with Frank Zappa, but this is some pretty traditional shit and not in some shity Sha-na-na fashion.

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