Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the winner for now

Contador wins the TDF.... for now. Who knows when more Puerto documents leak.... Rasmussen,Vino,Sinkewitz,Mayo,Moreni. That is a lot of scalps, but still a small percentage of the peleton. Seems like all the "men in black" got dealt with.
Conspiracy of the week-Vino set up by the Russian mob who bet heavy against him and ratted him out....
The Mayo situation brings to mind a simple rule a friend of mine uses,"If you are under 30 with a receding hairline or balding problem, you are suspect". Holds up pretty well in field testing.
Vaughters transfer acquisitions seem mainly to get UCI points. Vandevelde and Zabriskie???-at least it's not Hincapie. Millar gets an ownership stake in the team? Seems like a Mini-LA move. How happy do you think Lance is in having an ownership stake in a team without a sponsor? Cofidis is gone next year. Astana must be too so that should leave a spot for a team to move up to the pro-tour(if the pro-tour still exists next year) which might push JV to grab more riders fast. He says a "recent Paris Roubaix winner" as well. Backsedt maybe? He seems bummed at Liquigas.... No way is it O'Grady,Boonen or Cancellara. I doubt the aging man from Brakel aka PVP would come back to America.
Losing a couple D1 teams should make the off season like musical chairs.
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