Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Swobo Heresy Jersey

It is hard to come up with reasons, not to support Swobo, but when they combo their skills with some graphic nods to "Breaking Away" only a heartless dink could resist.
This jersey is not wool, hence the name Heresy(Side Track number one. Between Exits 18 and 19 Northbound on 128, there was for years a bridge with "Heresy" spray painted on it which would always make me smile as I drove under the bridge. Approximately six month ago some genius tagger threw is dumb ass name over it and forever bummed me out. Thanks Douche!)
The graphic design veer a little close to "high end underground fashion"(a term I heard first dropped by a dude who also wanted a "custom Surly"-so I don't know if he always speaks in oxymoron's or not... Side Track #2). Brown jerseys will always remind me of SE Racing so they get a pass. And obtusely name checking "Breaking Away" will get you another free pass. So based on appearances alone this jersey is a hit.
But it is unfortunately a functional world, so how does it do perform? It has been hot here in New England and this jersey was just right. Despite the darker color, it was very light weight and a perfect warm weather jersey. No complaints on rear pockets and the price is right. The cut is "American" which means a large leaves room for your gut and since it is not full zip it will make you look skinny if you are. Sleeves are surprisingly loose and non binding which could cost you seconds in a time trial, but, get real, you are on a group ride-so chill.
Whether you want knickers, wool jerseys, bikes, or bottle openers Swobo is on it. So find a way to support them and Avoid the bummer life!

Upcoming product reviews may include Stella Azurra cork tape, Vittoria Open tires, and Chrome knickers. I bet you are on the edge of your seats......
Vetta cyclocomputers get the gas face.

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