Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Excellent day of riding on Sunday thanks to the Charles River Wheelmen's Climb to the Clouds Century out to Wachusett and back. I quiched out and took the 80 mile option that skipped the actual climb up Wachusett. It was super hot and I did not have the legs. Plenty of water and food stops. Course was well marked and arrowed (minor annoyance #1 I did the Seven Hills Wheelmen Quabbin Century earlier this summer and it was like they only had half a can of paint and were afraid to use it-markings stunk, but the ride was awesome. So props to Charle's River for doing it right). There were so many crashes in the first hour, that it felt like a Cat 5 race, but once it all strung out it was fine.
But of course a five hour ride can't be without some annoyances. What is up with people trying to ride down on their aero extensions in a group or paceline? I realize that most tri-geeks are anti-social or OCD solo trainers, but do you lack that much common sense? Regardless of whether you are in front or behind me, your hands had better be near your brakes. My fat ass will give you more aero benefits than your bars. And it is amazing the looks you get when you call someone out. It's like they don't even understand what a potential menace they are. There was a good article in the back of Velonews about this last month check it out if you see it. There are way too many people on six thousand dollar bikes that can't ride in straight line. It takes time not money to be a good cyclist and you've got to pay attention and listen and learn.
I read about something called a "bento box" on NYCBikeSnob and was excited to actually see them in person-attached to the bikes of the offending aero idiots. How much of a time penalty is it to reach into your jersey pockets for a gel? Is that really worth strapping a mini glove compartment to your bike? Being a roadie I live in a glass house, but so little of the tri-geek way of life makes sense. When you get so good that the only thing stopping you from winning is that, strap on the bento box. Until then shut up, pedal, and suffer like everyone else.
So I got off track. Good job to CRW!!! Thanks for your hardwork putting it together, but maybe next time have some water at the finish???

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