Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brand Nubian Time's Runnin' Out

Despite the overwhelming evidence, I do not push the "hip hop peaked in the early 90s" party line that may adhere to. NYC hip hop owned the early 90s, but plenty of good shit has come out since from all points on the compass.
One of my favorite MCs was Grand Puba from Brand Nubian. 2000 was a tour de force of game. But Puba got lumped with the "conscious" or "backpack" crowd and went under the radar for a few years. He had the blunted flow and word play but also a real cocky B-Boy attitude.
He's back with Lord Jamar,Sadat X, and Alamo. Beats are Jazzy NYC-just what you would expect. Uptempo rare groove samples. Brand Nubian deliver their classic formula -no frills, no updates, but they manage to keep it fresh while still being familiar.
My main point is Puba kills it so you should check this and go grab One for All, Reel to Reel, and 2000 if you don't have them.

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