Monday, August 27, 2007

Wish I read Italian better.......

As the worlds approach, I wish I could read Italian better so I could enjoy the gossip and drama as laid out daily in La Gazzetta dello Sport. The intrigue and drama is just out of my reach,.
Franco Ballerini is the DS for the Italian National Team(but as pictured above he was also a beast of a classics rider). A position that ever year causes him to be at the center of drama,rumour, and treachery on a scale that is as epic as it is Italian. Remember Bettini vs Pettachi, Rebellin-is he in or out? Except the year everyone worked for Cippollini on a flat course, you never know what will happen on the road.
This year seems ripe for drama. DiLuca and Ballan have been having great seasons. Bettini and Rebellin not so much-but they will not be reduced to the role of domestique very easily.
Five are selected -Bettini,Ballan,Cuenego,Pozzatto, and Rebellin. The Stuttgart course could be good for all of them-it definitely doesn't eliminate any of them. That leaves four spots and 2 reserves. It is hard to imagine Ballerini leaving DiLuca off the team, but why add another potential leader to the team? They need some workhorse perhaps like Bruseghin aka "the donkey"
No matter what happens Italy will be putting a formidable line up on the start line and if they can work as team they should be unstoppable. But that is probably Ballerini's biggest task-to get them to work together.

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