Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Is it a good move to name you companies first bike after Napoleon Dynamite's favorite animal?? Massimiliano Lelli throws caution to the wind with the Liger....
I have mixed feeling about Lelli's reemergence. Riding for Cofidis near the end of his career, Lelli was often highlighted in the media as a mentor to David Millar. Possibly mentoring him on all the wrong things. Lelli got caught up in some doping accusations as well.-Although he and Millar were acquitted by the French in the bigger "Cofidis Affair".
So is he a wily old Italian road captain? or is he a desperate ex-doper trying to make a buck? Or do those 2 things go together for Italians from the 90s? And most importantly is the Liger any good?

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