Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Offenders "I Hate Myself" 45

Early 80s hardcore often had a overdriven trebly production that only magnified the angst and aggression being laid down(No Labels and Neon Christ for example). "I Hate Myself" is blessed with searing guitar sound that makes it twice as brutal.
This is a perfect slice of American Hardcore and American Music period.
Rabid Cat Records 1984. "Bad Times" is on the flip, but I don't think I've flipped it over since the first time I listened to it
The Offenders were along with MDC,Dicks,Big Boys, part of a wave of in you face, anti-redneck, anti bullshit Texas Punk and Hardcore that is hard to comprehend. I can't imagine the puds from falloutboy having the balls to try their schtick in the early 80s in Texas let alone this anti-everything agenda.
First heard the Offenders on the Peace Comp and tracked down their LP Endless Struggle. All of their offerings were good, but "I hate Myself" was the kind of all out reckless anthem that would fuel you to do almost anything. This is without a doubt one of the top ten US Hardcore tracks.

Looks like someone redid the cover art and reissued it. New art looks like some junkie meets loverboy bullshit, but grab this crucial track however you can. You can check it on myspace... of course.
Props to something I learned today blog for dropping some more MP3s
Good Discography here.