Monday, November 26, 2007

marzuraan solid wood lp

I was expecting drono doom boredom, but this slamming lurching beast would have been right at home in boston in the early 90s on a bill with Red Bliss, Kudgel, or Luca Brasi. Tortured Screams and drum work remind me of Burning Witch but it has a melodic edge and some hooks. Songs all keep your attention whether plodding or pounding. Harvey Milk are another band that comes to mind. Guitar sound also makes me think more of Hammerhead than Hellhammer. 4 songs
Packaging is awesome-killer artowork, printed insert, and nice sleeve. Dedicated to Piggy from Voivoid-kill trends.
Kult of nihilow #12 recorded in 2005, limited to 515 but still available. Band has a record coming out and is still active.

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