Saturday, November 24, 2007

Murari S/T LP krsna rock #24

It took almost a year to track down, but I have finally found a record that lives up to Shakey at Jim's Deli's favorite saying, "The Best". This Murari record is head and shoulders better than the previous one reviewed and the closet to an "acid-folk commune freakout" or whatever off base catch phrase is generally used to hawk Hansadutta LPs. Way more Grateful Dead than Benediction Moon, but still crucial. Most songs celebrating life on the Murari farm/commune.
Stand out tracks include."Hard Struggle for Existence" which kicks ass in a slow blues rock lament with dueling male and female vocals. "Devotee of the Lord" tries out a Canned Heat/Dead kind of boogie rock groove. Awesome. Lyrics are kind of like
"turn the page" for devotees.... "Easy Journey" drops in and out of the Maha-Mantra in a rambling folk country track.

Desire Tree Records(GH108 -coincidence? they have 108 as a catalog number???? I think not.) 1979.

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