Monday, December 31, 2007

Top Tunes of 2007

I actually reviewed a lot of records this year, here's my top.

1.Fix speed of twisted thought cd reissue(touch and go).
2.Dan Higgs Metamppsychotic Melodies CD (holy mountain)
3.Versoma Life during wartime CD (robotic empire)
4. Merciless Death Evil in the Night CD (heavy artillery)
5.Prodigy Return of the MAC
6.East of Underground (waxpoetics)
7.White Lace and Strange Compilation (psychic circle)
8. Bovachevo S/T CD
9 amy winehouse back to black
10.Bone Awl meaningless leaning mess (nuclear war now)

On the Bubble.
Manzuran LP,Ted Leo Lp, Black Cobra Bestial CD,Snake Apartment LP,Amnesty CD,Watain CD,Villians, Dead Child,Pissed Jeans, Cloak/Dagger,Neurosis, Jay Z, Ghostface,Wu-Tang, all the other Psychic Circle Comps, Jabaldav

What did I listen to the most? Both Clipse CDs,Lil Wayne mixtapes, classic rock reissues, and krsna rock nuggets. If I made a list of top singles or most played, not much of my top ten would be on it. "Whamp, Whamp" would most likely be number one.

Tragically it was a year without Wrest/Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice. Hopefully some grim masterpieces await for 08

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