Friday, December 28, 2007

Gone Epic Trilogy CD

For every timeless SST Band there was an oddball or junkball band or side project release. Gone was Ginn's instrumental project. Flagish for sure but no vocals. 2 records on SST. Fast forward to 2007 and Gone is back with a 3 song double disc**. Not three songs over 2 discs like ELP or something, but the same 3 songs twice. Once instrumental and once with HR singing. HR as in Bad Brains/Soul Brains/Internet rumor king.
The opening track gives Ginn some room to stretch out, but he lays down some Flagish shredding around the 6 minute mark. Most of the track has almost an All/Descendents type feel with a weird breakdown(reggae failure?) in track one. Despite the length the first track gets the thumbs up. Despite the reputation for "getting gone" it is pretty straight ahead rock.
All three songs are over 15 minutes and they all have everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. At times it veers into a NoMeansNo/late Dead Kennedy's type sound.
Once again on track two, some Flaggish noodling emerges at about the 6 minute mark and disappears just as quickly.

As far as the HR vocals, his opening salvo of "yummy,yummy,yummy,yumpcious" would be enough to make you think he has been watching too many TV commericals. It is amazing that he keeps scatting and singing for almost the entire song. They don't ruin the tunes, but I would be unlikely to pick this disc over the insturmental version. HR is a living legend, but his vocals here lack the power of some of his classic performances.

**According to their website Gone have released over 10 records, that was news to me as I have only seen the 1st two. and if you are interested. Or of course myspace....

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