Monday, January 28, 2008

January Cycling bits.

When he offered a carbon fibre bike mixed with flaxseed, I thought it was an ironic twist of fate that Sheffield and Bond's favorite supplement would be in the "wasps" bikes, but now Museeuw has opened an indoor cycling center I know he is off his rocker. Looks like a spin class to me, but maybe with a special back room for any and all of your needs? I don't think that even the lion of flanders can make a spin class look tough You can pick up killer Museeuw bandanas as well. I can only wait in anticipation for the Peter Van Petegam Frites francises or the Plankeart reality show (wait that happened already)
Tour of Qatar is showcasing some new bikes. Giant have the most radically updated frame from the looks of this. Not a big fan of curved seat stays like that and the head tube looks a little too downhill hummer. Must be stiff enough for TDU revelation Andre Greipel though!
Rock Racing are putting on a real circus in Cali. Supposedly this is what their DeRosa's will look like?? Green Giant, Hulk, etc. Rashan Bahati's website keeps the comical pictures coming. Trucker hats,mistmatched gear, and a chunky looking Botero. Not a good look.
Boonen took stage one of the Tour of Qatar a fast one, but was he on Rovals? No photographic proof yet. The Rovals here look like Fulcrums to me. Especially compared to this. Where's the starfish hub thing? And finally did Kevin Hulsman's tire explode or was it the wheel?
Wim Van Huffel maybe on the way to being replaced in my favorite name in the peloton awared by none other than Slipstream's flying Dutchman Huub Duyn. Preben Van Hecke is still in the running.

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