Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Druid 45 and why I hate the term "private press"

I picked this up in a bookstore in NH on route 124. They had a box of 45s buried on a shelf. Clearly heavy metal so I grab it for a buck. You've got an "eddie" style mascot in the stockades on the cover. Very budget-no back cover or information. 4 songs on 33-trying to pack in as much music as possible. . First track "The Robber" is pretty straight ahead Metal Massacre V1 fair. Heavy NWOBHM vibe maybe a la early Anthrax. (Not to be confused with NWOIIHM "new wave of ironic indie hipster metal"-thanks Aqaurius!) Followed by "Forced Entry" makes you think these guys might have a criminal bent. B-Side opens up with a midpaced and melodic tune "Legion(The Exorcist)" that kind of drags. They bring it home in style with "Godsend ". Good one if you can find it.

This is the kind of record that some would call private press. Private press is a term that gets used as inaccurately as KBD(see previous post) and it makes me crazy. A private press is an odd bird, but people are constantly trying to call records on failed indies "private press" to increase it's perceived rarity or collect ability. If a label only puts out one record because it failed, it is still trying to be record label. If it has a label name and address on the back it's probably not a "private press". This bad boy is on "Crossbone" records which makes you hope maybe the drummer was a skater or something, but my extensive research could yield only vague memories of them being an opening act at some Hampton Beach metal fests. Those more in the know should set me straight.
But back to my "private press" issue. What is the difference between a "DIY", "indie", or "private press" record? I cannot tell. But if this was getting hyped on ebay or gemm as "rare private press metal" I would bet I wouldn't have scooped it up for 50 cents in a NH bookstore.

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