Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cyclocross Magazine-Quality Reading Material

Just got 2 issues of this mag in the mail. This has all the super tech cross nerd info you could want. Good interviews that talk about training and tech rather than random fanboy bs. It has the feel of a good zine from back in the day (aka pre internet) when you really had to dig to get info and when something like this came in the mail you were stoked for weeks cause it is packed with news you can use.
Black and white photos are also cool in a throwback fashion rather than a Rapha high art style. There are some rad bike mags out there that focus more on the art side(rouleur, embrocation), but this nuts and bolts mag is my favorite out of the bunch. And as far as bang for the buck, 16 bucks will get you one issue of Rouleur or a years subscription to Cyclocross. Do some math-it's a recession, spend wisely!

Do you self a favor and get a subscription or pick it up at your local shop.

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