Monday, April 7, 2008


That was a Tour of Flanders that was so much better than could be expected. The last 20K had me on the edge of my seat.
Weather-so much for the Flemish hardman stuff.
Tactics- attack, catch, counter attack, Executed perfectly.
Boonen looked super strong on the Koppenberg, but played a support role to Devolder perfectly
Flecha,Gilbert, and Nuyens all showed some power attacking-especially Flecha on the Muur-until he bogged down
Young guns Sebastiaan Langeveld and Janek Tombak were super strong and impressive.
I thought that the VS coverage was a little odd-almost like they intentionally used different camera angles on the key climbs-maybe to save the good angles for WCP?
They managed to squeeze in a short Hincapie interview that makes you wonder if he really understands tactics and racing-or maybe he is a little bitchy and should just keep quiet.
It was amazing in the last 40K as it got warm, how many guys were just chucking their vests and extra layers. Side of the road was filled with good souveniers as no one was thinking about going back to the team car with clothes.
As far as my predictions? I got 3/5 right, but not in any kind of order. Flecha,Nuyens, and Ballan were all up there, but I wouldn't hav guessed(unlike some) that Devolder or Hincapie would have been up there too.
Cancellara looks strong and I don't think Flanders is a race for him. I think he will be a beast in Roubaix.
But at the end of the day, to win Flanders in the Belgian champs jersey, what a day.

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