Monday, April 14, 2008


So I went 2/5 on my predictions. Not too suprising since the big guns were on fire.
Hincapie got 9th, Flecha 12th ,and Gilbert didn't start so I am an idiot for picking him. Can't believe I skipped Ballan.
Weather as usual was the opposite of what was predicted, so a lot of cycloross influenced bikes go back in the Service Course garaage.
Boonen's sprint was no joke-at least from the photos he opened up several bike lengths. Total Power Total Cool, just like Swiz used to say.
In the unfortuante dept - Slipstreams choice of wheels couldn't survive the Backstedt/Arenenberg combo. Luckily the were strong enough for young gun Masskant. 12th in Flanders, 4th in the Monte Paschi Eroica. Is it a coming of age or a flash in the pan? Either way there will be serious expectations on him next year.
Otehr, Flanders young guns didn't fair so well- Terpesta finished 103 17 minutes down and Rabo powerhouse Sebastian Langeveld went from the right break into a ditch dashing his hopes.

Tech Update.
Hose clamps and doubled seat binders were all over
Boonen ran FMBs Style king Pozzatto had leg warmers on his bidons-very nice.

That's it until the pictures of Maggies demo'd Zipps leak to the internet.

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