Monday, May 5, 2008

Shawn Brown Interview

I got the idea not too long ago to start to bug dudes who were into bikes and music and see what was up. Are there any super bike nerd musicians out there? who wants to talk about tire pressure and the best record in the Dischord catalog? Who knows the line up of the 97 of the Gan TDF squad and the catalog numbers of the 1st 40 Stax releases? Heavy duty geek shit.
Shawn Brown was one of my first targets and was also cool enough to talk to me and not be scared off by the double stalker music/bike nerd factor-Thanks!
If you don't remember or are too young to have checked his bands out he was in Dag Nasty, Swiz, Sweatbelly Freakdown, and Jesuseater.
Some how, I made some connection between Shawn being a bike guy in addtion to musican
Besides all that he is tattooing full time now . Pretty full plate. Anyway that's the intro here are the questions in what will be an ongoing harassment of the music/bike nexus.

WWDIS:What are you riding now?
SB:I am riding a bike from REI called the Element. It's a touring/cyclocross style bike, i use it pretty much to commute. Next up would be a Jamis Spudnik . It's fixed. I use it for drunk rambling or other gnarly activity, Yes it has a front brake! remember I am old and drunk ETC! then there is a c-dale beast from the east! old skool baby, thumb shifters and all! No bio pace! frames being built up? surly pacer and an old specialized S-WORKS steel

WWDIS:Campy or Shimano?
SB:I have always been a Shimano man! though the new Sram stuff looks awesome and seems to be getting good reviews. Maybe on the Surly? Maybe that's what I should do.

WWDIS:All time favorite bike/piece of gear?
SB:I had a trek 1400 that I upgraded to ultegra back in the 90's I rode it to death, after that then the S-WORKS. It had some Deore and XT stuff on it.

WWDIS:Do you race?
SB:Done some back in the 90's, I have a cyclocross fantasy , who knows when I will make that come tru.

WWDIS:What's on the IPOD?
SB:Zombies, Minute Men,Sonic Youth,DeadPrez, Judas Priest,Joy Divison And Roky Ericson this week.

WWDIS:Favorite Rides?
SB:All riding! Great falls, Soil conservation thru Bowie, DC streets..... Oh!!!! Seattle to Portland !! Cascade bike club represent!!!!

WWDIS:Are you currently playing with anybody?
SB:No bands right now, tattooing takes up so much of My time. It's hard to do both. BIG UP TO PROTUES bikes IN college park!!! They are the coolest !! Luv them people! Roger thanks for the chance to do an interview! Peace man!! Shawn. .

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Anonymous said...

Nice vid. That was the show at the Rat. I'm on the side taking pics. They opened for Raw Deal / Killing Time . I can't remember if they had changed their name yet.