Saturday, May 10, 2008

None More Metal

I discovered the Insulter of Jesus Christ on the classic Damnation "Destructo Evangelia" Cd, but had lost track of him until he turned up as the drummer on the new Nifelheim CD Envoy of Lucifer. In a world in which being subtle and understated are not on the menu, Nifelheim push "over the top" into the
red zone. More spikes, more leather, more satan, and most
importantly-Insulter of Jesus Christ on drums. Imagine if Edger and Johnny
Winter played fully satanic blackened thrash-but together and were called
Tyrant and Hellbutcher!. That is 2/5 of the Nifelheim puzzle. Add in
IOJC, Vengeance from Beyond, and Apocalyptic Desolator and you have the
full line up of this black metal thrash battalion. Regain Records gets the honor of dropping Envoy of Lucifer. A certified Swedish classic.
The best music is often made by outsiders with a lot of vision and little
contact with the outside world ( or loners who live in their parent's
basement...), Tyrant and Hellbutcher have the metal vision and have walked the
talk for almost 2 decades. This is thoroughly compentent metal though not Daniel Johnston trying to play Burzum. It might not be as immediately catchy as Slayer or Sodom, but to those who have followed the black musical arts will put it on repeat for sure.
If that isn't enough Tyrant and Hellbutcher are Europe's number one Iron Maiden fans. In fact Tyrant says " We will kill you if you don't like Iron Maiden because then you are a fucking wimp." Although Hellbutcher states his case for being a superfan boy here. Nuff said. Metal for Metallions by Metallions.

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