Monday, June 2, 2008

Giro Wrap Up.

Despite the baby blue and pink, "is it a boy, is it a girl?" color combo that Contador was rocking, it was an awesome Giro. Wide open, contested down to the wire, and lot's of strong performances. Ricco is proving his mouth and his legs will help him inherit the Simoni controversy crown. LPR proved to be a much tougher team than expected with Salvodelli and Bosisio providing able support to DiLuca. Salvodelli's descending remains unchallenged-even in the rain! A third place for Brushegin is amazing. Pellizoti must be kicking himself just 3 seconds kept him off the podium! Still a great Giro for him as well. Jens Voigt -stage win. Always does it the hardway. Bettini-no stages but finishes 20th overall which will hopefully set the stage for some victories to come. Sella will have to bear the mantle/cross/crown of "giro climbing reveleation". Hopefully he ignores it and focuses solely on amazing feats in the mountains.
I am really looking forward to watching this race on the trainer this winter. The tempo of it was perfect. No endless week of flat stages for the sprinters. Aggressive racing all through and some epic climbs. Best Giro in years? It was for me. Last year gave a hint at what could be, but this year was amazing. Let's hope it keeps this format for next year.
Tour of Belgium went by almost unnoticed. Devolder looks good and gets the win. Comesso in 8th?? Must be on some serious Weight Watchers!
Philly Week is up and always good for some Euro vs Domestic action.
June as always brings a string of one week or less tune up races for the Tour. With the big question being will the ASO stick to its guns?

And for those paying especially close attention Lars Ulrich finished 16th in Norway's Rogaland Grand Prix. This Lars not that one.
Tragically days after Jimmy McGriff passes away. Bo Diddley departs the mortal coil after 79 years.

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