Monday, June 2, 2008

Deadly Art of Survival

I, generally, steer clear of book and movie reviews, but I have got to give props to the movie Deadly Art of Survival. Kung-Fu, Revenge, and the Bronx in 77. Pretty much a trifecta for the makings of a classic. This isn't so much an art film as amateur hour, but it is so good. The director went on to make Wildstyle-so street cred is on lock. You could totally picture RZA delivering half the lines and it is begging for a remake with him, Forrest Whitaker, and John Leguzama(picture him in the Disco Dojo). Wu-Tang and good taste in music go hand in hand. Movies too, not just kung-fu, think Education of Sonny Carson.
Almost any movie that focuses on NYC when it was a real Jungle gets a thumbs up in my book. Warriors, etc.
Netflix has it so pop it in your queue and get educated. I can't believe there aren't clips of this on Youtube.
Harken back to when the city was a jungle, not a strip mall.

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