Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A minute and thirty four seconds is all that separates Carlos Sastre from Cadel Evans. Looks like it all comes down to tomorrows TT, unless there is a major crash or mechanical or unless CSC try and hammer through tomorrows stage and maybe get more time on the small climbs near the end. The profile shows a category 4,2, and 3 climb-could that be enough for CSC to isolate Evans and gain more time for Sastre?
Will it be enough. Carlos was about a 1:16 in the shorter stage four time trial which doesn't bode well. Last year in the first ITT(54K) Carlos lost 1:47 to Evans and in the 2nd(55.5K), Carlos lost about 2:40. Saturday's TT is 53K.... Evans was 2nd in each TT last year. These are not good omens, but I gotta pull for Sastre.
Sastre has been a favorite of mine for ages and especially after seeing Overcoming.
So I hope he gets his moment in the sun. CSC have been just dominating this race.

Nailbiter right down to the end.

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