Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7 Seconds

I don't know why it is, but bands mid to later era records are the ones I am missing lately. Despite the hardwork to get a hold of the early records, its those cutout bin third and forth albums that I want to hear. Soulforce Revolution not The Crew. Don't ask me why. 7 Seconds had a couple good ones with New Wind and SR. First off the hair and metal tees on New Wind let you know they were a serious touring rock band. They even had songs about being on the road-just like Bob Seger, only punk....
Soulforce Revolution pushed their whole Amnesty Internatinal/U2 thing to the next level. If I remember this show, Walter from Quicksand was running around in cutoff sweats (youth crew style) that wouldn't stay up......
I would rather listen to Wonderful than Group Sex for another example. Maybe cause those are the records these bands were touring on when I first saw them? Maybe cause these records haven't been endlessly aped by legions of recreaters and keeping it true reenactors? It will be a long time before people are trying to rock teh
It may be Heresy but I will take How we ROck over Kids Will have Their Say and I will take DYS over Brotherhood. Trial is better than Learn. The list goes on and on.
I guess that is the legacy of being a late 80s core kid and not an early 80s core-man.
No matter how goofy they may look everyone was stoked and waiting for 99 Red Ballons.
Even Al Quint was rocking some long hair! Ahh the memories.

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