Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

GreaseMonkey hit Euro-Bike. Two cool sets of photos on his flicker site. DeRosas looked cool. Another must have beer/axle nut wrench. New Fondriests are not working for me.

Onion. Ouch.

Mussewes flax bikes are looking Colnago cool here. But he also making wheels that would like sweet on your fixed gear??? I guess if you can't afford custom airbrushed Lightweights this might be an OK compromise.

So much racing it's hard to keep track of. Some frenzied activity has teams fade away. Cavendish is a fucking beast. Vuelta has another transitional stage before the Sat showdown on Angliru! Followed by 2 more tough mountain stages. Contador better win all he can before Lance rolls back in.
Tour of Britan is always special for me as I get to track the performance of the Plowman Craven RT team. I love that name. Plowman Craven sounds like some pissed off medievel serf or a bad FC. They keep it real with "Race Clean" right on the arm of their stunning pink and blue kits.

US if kicking but in Tour D'Avenir with Peter Stetina in the lead by 2:27. Always good to see youngsters making it happen. And Garmin forming a Rabobank like web of up and comers with their VMG/Felt squad.

5K running season is in full effect, how did the summer blow by so fast?

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