Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paul Weller

So the modfather rolled into Boston last night. Berklee was filled with plenty of old people and a few time warped mods and skins. 5 piece band with enough organs and pianos on stage to be Joe Cocker circa 71. First hour or so went pretty heavy on the new record with most songs getting extended workouts. "From the Floorboards Up" was probably the most straight ahead rocker he hit during this phase. Maybe at 50 he is turning into the Progfather? He got nice on the electric piano during "Picking up Sticks". D
They hit a short acoustic phase in the middle. "Brand New Start" was included here.
Back to the amplifiers they went. The one two punch of "Echoes round the sun" and "come on/let's go" was epic and probably the highlight for me. 2nd half off the set rocked a little harder.
Wrapped it up with a full power version of "Town Caled Malice" which was pretty perfect and even had the geriatriacs in attenedance singing along.
Weller's guitar tech had on a Ronnie Lane shirt-which I was pretty envious of. Of course some mid-life crisis moron was screaming "Yeah,Ron Wood". Shut the fuck up already. Faces is a pretty apt comparision for some of the rock they were busting out last night. He may have been a little self indulgent, but he rocked out none the less.

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Ur Trommler said...

Ron Wood, huh? might as well have been shouting "Frampton"! RIP Marriott and Lane...