Sunday, September 28, 2008

Passing the torch

So no Bettini, but Ballan! Nice. Ballan looks super fit-way skinnier than when he won Flanders.
This photo was a real bum out. Two giants who won't be racing next year.

I loved this line from the cyclingnews "Steven Cozza of the USA is now leading the field." Call it blatant nationalism. Whatever. Maybe it was better that Levi wasn't around to show Cozza how the big dogs roll.............

Oh and where did my picks finish?
15 Philippe Gilbert
28 Paolo Bettini
37 Alejandro Valverde
39 Oscar Freire
47 Stefan Schumacher
53 Sylvain Chavanel
It was nice to see some of my favorite young guns finishing -Gesnick,Lovkist,etc. Finishing rather than dropping out.
Crazy to think that in a race this long, that the real action didn't start til after 150K.

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SunnyDelite said...

Cozza may be good for some quotes along the way:
Tiredness was also a factor for US rider Steve Cozza... "It went okay," he said to Cyclingnews. "I'm pretty f***ed. I've never done a race so long, so I'm just glad I finished.