Wednesday, October 1, 2008


How did I end up buying the same record again? Stated in some old review is the fact that I find Sunn side projects better than Sunn, despite the fact that the are usually of some live/improve/scrap,boom, and drone nature.
No suprise that when confronted with the over the top black on black packaging of the this Pentemple project that I scooped it up. Embossed goat's hoof? You had me at hello.
The prescence of Sin-nana (must resist urge to make ill nana reference) on drums makes this live improv from Australia essential. He actually brings some non doom and non BM drumming into the mix that give it a real cacophonous vibe to offset the mega riffs. Attilla is working his creepy rasps and growls to the fullest. In fact the creepy vocals and drumming make it sound more like Mike Patton than Southernlord.
To some degree this is pointless to review as those that want it(either to hear or resell) have already scooped it up, but noteworthy none the less. Both CD and Vinyl were limited and number'd so get them while you can.
Another document of an odd, creepy, and cool live show.

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