Monday, November 17, 2008

A few things for Monday

This is the reason I read the forum on Velonews. This kind of tech-geek stuff as been in short supply lateley. Hats off to anyone with steady hands and time to burn, who can take apart ergo levers.

Second. I don't know how to feel about the auto industry, but a bailout seems like a bad move. This article puts it in some perspective. It is hard to see how loaning more money to a company capable of losing 2.5 Billion a quarter is going to help. Their CEO's performance on 60 minutes didn't help either.

Third, I enjoyed this Thomas Frank editorial from a few days ago.

How do you know you are skinny? When you crash your bike and rupture you spleen. Ask Niels Albert. Not much meat on him.

Last up. Baden Cooke to Rock Racing??? That is an upgrade for them. Kayle looks to exit stage left. Rock and Katusha are both cobbling together stronger riders, but don't seem to have a cohesive unit yet.

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