Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking a Knee -Cross weekend two

Woke up to perfect cross weather-drizzle and overcast. But I knew I wasn't going to race today. My legs felt dead, I got a good nights sleep, but woke up tired, and I was feeling a little sick. Since I don't get paid to race and since I have no form to speak of, it was back to bed not off to the races. Not a fun decision, but hopefully the right one. My rite of passage muddy cross race will have to wait until next Sunday.
Being a cyclist, you are constantly analyzing every sensation your body produces.
There are the obvious conditions-sick, injured, tired. But a cyclist's life is not a binary good/bad world. If you are not sick,injured, tired, it doesn't mean you are "good". Almost any ride usually starts with everyone cataloging there issues. The litany of sore this and strained that. From the front of the pack to the back, everyone usually has a laundry list of issues whether they are riding well or off the back.
So I hit the trainer and went for a long hike all bundled up. Felt better by the end of the day. Starting to get nervous. There are two weekends worth of races between now and Warwick. Most of the races have early starts and are about 2 hours away. I am usually a fan of the predawn roll out, but am having trouble getting my ass in gear. Regardless of how I do, these races will pay off next year either for spring road races or just a head start on handing for the 09 cross season. (come on super nerds, haven't you started to plan your 09 season? Battenkill Roubaix pre-reg starts in 33 days. Get ready.)
Chesire, EastHampton, Sterling, and/or Palmer. These are my choices before the big Warwick weekend. At least gas is getting cheap.

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