Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Have you Surrounded.

Dirtbombs are back. You never know what to expect when you first listen to a new Dirtbombs record. This record could have made 2 killer 45s, but instead you get a good albume with a couple tracks that will have you reaching for the skip button. "Ever Loving Man" is text book Dirtbombs soul garage nirvana which feels like a rework of "pushing too hard". "I hear sirens" is up next as my second favorite track and the french lyric'd "fin du monde" closes things out on high note. In between you have Sparks and Dead Moon covers. The whole album as a the feel of "ultraglide through the 80s and 90s post punk and indie world". Not direct covers, but songs with strong nods towards a lot of bands. This band has a good enought record collection that they could probably sneak quite a few past you. "Wreck My Flow" might have worked better as an intstrumental. The goofy lyrics coupled with the throbbing anglo-disco groove is a little too much. Even the "bad" songs sound good.
Ultraglide in black might be record of the decade and this doesn't quite live up to that, but it is a better record than I may have made it sound.

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