Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oddities in OZ

So Rock Racing sends a five man squad to the Jayco Bay Classic. The team includes Bahati? Who I guess gets his place back due to Dominguez,Walker, and Cooke bailing. I hope they got round trip tickets in advance! Walker let his legs due the talking today notching up a win for Fuji-Servietto. Cervelo Test Team got a win the other day withs Gerrans so the new kids on the block will be working hard for invitations to bigger races.
Baden Cooke also shed some unkind light on the Rock Situation. From a 2 year deal to six months? Here to stay! Not so much. But Cooke had to be fooling himself, if he thought Rock was going to be in Europe this year-especially the Giro? Come on.
The Belgian xmas cross attack continues. Good coverage at both Molly Cameron and the Embrocation blog. Embro has some videos up. I may be showing my age, but it is amazing that 10 years ago, you would be waiting a month sometimes to hear race result or read stories, but now you can see video recorded a day or two ago. Pretty rad. Cyclocross mag has a couple racers doing reports as well.
You can even read about and see Groenendaal pulling a major stick and move on Steve Hunter here

Albert shows he don't need no stinking spleen to win. Damn.
I have been having some trouble with the Euro high sock over the leg warmers look that most pros seem to be rocking. Maybe its the white socks/black warmers thing, but this doesn't look very pro to me.

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