Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Cyling

A public service from Williams previewing all the climbs in the Tour of California. Check it. Between this and the Rapha guys, there is going to be an overload of TOC coverage. Rapha+Bicycling+700 tweed soft shells? Genius or Jumping the Shark?

Pros on Twitter? Twitter is another way to waste time. Someone called it "mirco doses of oversharing" and this pretty much sums up Lance's contributions. Johan Bruyneel looks like he might want to be the next Jerry Remy with endless mid stage color commentary-hope he isn't driving. Big George Hincapie's twits are about as interesting or relevant as his race performances. Ditto for Tommy D. Floyd Landis is back on the road and twitter. Janez Brajkovi─Ź is meat and potatoes. How many hours in the saddle, how was the massage. Occasional good photos though. Ivan Basso is sort of like Brajkovic's six year old. Just the facts, if the facts were written by an englsh-as-a-second-language six year old. Just joking, his messages are a lot better than my stabs at Italian. Last up is Dave Z. Enigmatic. Seems to post in flurries and then disappear. Allen Lim's is pretty interesting too. Good for a chuckle and definitely a good way to put off the long trainer ride on an 8 degree day. Sadly no Boonen, Super-Mario, Mike Ball,or even David Clinger.

Nys wins in Italy and doesn't even look like he got dirty?WTF. Worlds seems like a Boom vs Nys showdown, but I am still pulling for Albert. And of course a good US performance..... Maybe Page can make it a week with no drama and drop the hammer.

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