Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Wind

Saturday's ride was a multi directional lesson in respecting the wind and the impact it can have on your ride. Started out as a straight up headwind. No mystery to the pain that causes. Trading pulls and dreading your next time and the head of the line.
Rider pulls off and the wind hits you straight in the face. Take your beatdown and pull of into the shelter of the draft. Don't worry it will be back to the front before you're ready.
Change directions and the wind is a cross tail. Easy to forget about. Change directions again and ouch, deal with a gusting cross wind. Strong enough to push you around, spray you with snow, and steal whatever degree of body heat was convincing you you were warm.
Finally the way home, tail wind. You fly along like a champ, ignoring the fact that mother nature, not your puny legs are providing the horsepower.

And no matter what it beats riding in the basement. Today was cold. Even riding the trainer in the basement was cold-leg warmers and winter hats? Indoors? WTF.

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SunnyDelite said...

I was pedaling down a 7% grade in the small ring - headwind was unreal.