Friday, September 4, 2009

Double Dagger pretty much rule

Thrill Jockey was always home to a bunch of tedious post-rockers who danced way too close to jazz-fusion lite and world music, so I never really paid much attention to their output. But, as frequently happens, I may have to change my opinion based on the last few releases. Pontiak, Extra-Golden, and now Double Dagger. Hailing from Baltimore, they have a classic arty indie rock sound that brings me back to the early/mid 90s. I never realized how much I missed this classic sound, til I heard it reworked here. Bass driven and melodic. It's got a DC sound, emo in a good way. Wish Dischord put out more records that sounded like this. Made me wistful for bands like Chino Horde-who apparently have a 2lp discography out, but I will save rambling about midwest early 90s emo for a different post. Gonna name check some bands, and I think this is on par with them. Lync, Squirrel Bait, No joke.
This is seriously fucking great and I have not stopped listening to it since I got it. Good at work, good in the car, good working on bikes in the basement. "Camouflage" is the jam and , I wish I got this in May when it came out, cause it would have been album of the summer.
The band even has a documentary??? And a video

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