Saturday, September 5, 2009


Lots of rad bike shots as trade season kicks off.
Courage bikes makes some amazing frames. The SS cross bike is amazing-love the slightly extended seat tube with pass through brake cable and the graduated track ends are a cool touch, but what is up with the leather shoulder pad? After a few races wouldn't this stink worse than Rob Halford's crotch? Do you really want something that collects water snugly wrapped around your STEEL frame? Regardless of this nitpick, it is a rad bike. Courage Cycles.

Colnago doesn't dodge a bullet either. This CX friendly arch looks more like this than something designed to more easily shoulder your bike. If you have the bike wedged onto your shoulder all the way back at the seat post, you are going to have an awful lot of bike hanging in front of you. Can't picture Nys requesting this. The beefier tube sections make it look more like a Stevens.

IF had this classy cool way to run the rear brake cable on a cross bike.
And finally Schlamm's twitter came through with these way to handle the front brake....

Cross on the brain

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