Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gloucester Day Two-more failed photos

If day one was stalking Richard Sachs, day 2 was stalking the Back Bay Bike 4s. I was so stoked when Nick came through in 3rd that I failed to get a good picture, but here are some of him, Ryan, and Harrison.

There is some good racing in the AM Hours-they could use more heckling so people need to get up earlier!

Conditions were miserable in the AM. The mud was like cement and the lines were pretty hard to find. Running it backwards was also a punch to the mind. There were fewer places to recover and it was pretty tech and hard. Sand Pit was not quite as terrifying as the slick mud run up, but hard just the same. Harder than Saturday for me. I think I left my game face in the parking lot with my shoes on Sat! 2.5 laps in and I had a malfunction with my new cleats which I had been fidgeting with all morning.
I couldn't clip in and DNF'd which is pretty much the fate that anyone dumb enough to lose their shoes the night before a major race deserves.
The course changed so much over the course of the day and it was wild to watch each field deal with something different.
Both the P/1/2 Mens and Women's races were amazing. Couple shots from the women's

I didn't realize my memory card was full so this is the only worthwhile photo from the men's pro race. Pretty much a beatdown. Page and TJ were so strong.

In closing, Gloucester was fun, I was good on Sat, shitty on Sunday, Nick killed it and Mike October Rules

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