Monday, October 5, 2009

not likely

It's a race not a group ride. The subject of our pre and post race commute
discussions centered on dudes who call out "on your left" in a race. What are they
expecting? It's a cyclocross race, if my handlebars are in front of yours
it's my line to choose. My race is in front of me, not behind me.
I have my hands full dealing with driving my bike,making it go where I want and trying not to black out or have a stoke-so what you need is not high on my list of concerns. It's up to you to pass me. The end. A good response to "on your left" is "not likely"-just ask Nick


Anonymous said...

If you are slowing down the guy behind you, Swallow your man ego and get out of the way. You are messing up their race with your slow pace.

hog said...

If it were a group ride, I would gladly get my slow pace out of the way and not ruin your day.
But a race is a competition. It is up to me to ride as fast as I can and pass the people in front of me. It is not my issue if the guy behind me cannot do the same. I am not there to make it easier for him. Is that ego or common sense?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that these gentlemen are simply vocalizing for the common good? If you both eat mud, neither benefits. Perhaps that's giving them too much credit.

In any event, this non-rider says if it's a race, picks are fair. The goal is to win. Ever watch Shaq walk up the court in front of the point guard? Annoying, but effective.