Sunday, December 27, 2009

blacklisted.-no one deserves.....LP

Deathwish releases another Blacklisted LP. Vinyl only. Colored vinyl of course. This is an odd bunch. Always thought(since seeing their ace of spades skull logo split single) that they were some generic Integ/mosh metal deathwish action. Got the "heavier than heaven" cd and was pretty surprised. short songs that left you wanting more. Obvious Nirvana influence, but it had all the classic core-kid essentials. Pretty classic. It is strange to get into a band backwards and work you way through their older releases....
So I was curious as to what they would be up to on this "arty" release. Apparently controversial to some... I suppose if you have been asleep at the wheel since "bringing it down" then a few trumpets, violins, and "interludes" might push your artistic sensibilities, but to me it seems like a band doing what it does after a few records. Try and keep up, dummies.
For me it's good sounds, good hooks, and a good listen.

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