Tuesday, December 29, 2009


You focus on pretty random things when beating yourself up the same hill
again and again. Your world kind of shrinks to your bike computer, your
front tire, and not much else. When you do your workouts on the same hill
week in and week out, you don't really have to pay much attention to the
scenery. So last night 2 things stood out. About half way up the first part
of my hill was a flimsy, broken pair of scissors in the gutter. Almost at
the top of the 2nd part of the hill was a burned cd
The scissors were important to remember, so I wouldn't ride over them when
my oxygen deprived brain ceased to function. The CD was just a shiny thing
that let me know the pain would stop soon.
On repeat 7, I saw a kid on a mountain bike in the distance. He stopped on the
hill and leaned over. I thought he was messing with his bike or something
and then he peddled on.
As I passed the spot he stopped, I realized that he had stopped to grab my
second marker. The shiny blue CDR had caught his eye, but unlike me, he
stopped to grab it.
This one really got my mind churning. Why did he stop? Was it his? Had he been retracing his steps for hours? Was he a music geek excited to hear new music?
Based on the fact the 50% of kids under 18 not buying music, I doubted that. So why did he stop? What else can go on a CDR? Was it pictures? Movies? Why roll the dice on something that had probably been run over by a dozen other cars?