Sunday, December 13, 2009


Growing up wasn't easy for the youth crew. Just look at this B-team "gorilla biscuits" line up. Porcell and TC3? This was definitely the awkward larval stage before Quicksand and Civ would appear. Not to be a hater, but tanks tops, long hair, and creepers?? What is this the 2nd Uniform Choice LP?
The looks might not have been up to par, but "coded messages in slowed down songs" turned out a lot better
For example-the Moondog demo. Walter was really pushing the envelope with this. For years, I had a shitty tape copy of the demo. Thanks to the internet, you can buy a digital version that seems to sound as bad as my x-generation copy.
Regardless, these songs were sick. Pointing the way towards Quicksand. Some-like The Distance turned up in the last gasp of GB and others turn up on the Civ discography CD that equal vision put out.
I wish Quicksand had recorded some of these. They deserved to be preserved with way better sound quality.
I remember standing outside the Safari Club in DC when I was in college waiting for a Moondog/Burn show. Club never opened. Don't know if it was the bands fault or the club, but I remember waiting for at least 2 hours for something to happen. Would have been stoked to see some odd Moondog lineup.
Another cool Walter related thing can be found here. GB LP with him doing vocals....


Nick said...

Ha! This same Ritz performance (slightly more professionally shot) is on the "Live In NYC '91" VHS that In-Effect released - which also has footage of A.F. and S.O.I.A (GI Joe Headstomp, anyone?) as well as hilarious interviews with band members & people like Dave Stein. "Distance" was unmistakeably the best song on the video. I clearly remember bringing the tape over and the 3 of us watched it in Derrick's living room. Even then we had much fun at its expense, and that's wrong, and we knew it!

Anonymous said...

Dude it was the Safari club. They had to be to blame.
We did get to see Judge there though.
Chock full o'idiots, it was.