Thursday, March 25, 2010

Double Dagger Masks EP

Their last record was in my car's stereo for a long time. These guys really hit
it out of the park. Missed them when the came through Boston. So I was stoked to see a new record coming out.
Limited to 500, die cut sleeve, 3 different versions. Going all out for the record collectors.This Baltimore three piece keep the line up exciting with drums/bass/vocals. They get a full melodic sound and avoid the heavy bombast overkill of a lot of other 2 piece bands. 5 songs. I got the Nixon mask looking cover. They return with their classic recipe-an upbeat, hyper, bass driven melodic take on the classic DC sound. If you like melodic too smart post punk/indie rock, this is a winner. Mission of Burma, Chino Horde, Unwound etc. (yes I realize these bands have guitars and DD don't). Regardless they are in the tradition of these bands, but not a reenactment of the past.

Thrill Jockey
is still the label.

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